Pet Paw Balm

Pet Paw Balm


Pamper Pets TOO!!  Our fur-babies need special protection from the elements they are exposed to outside.  The Pet Paw Balm will moisturize their little paw pads and noses from ice, dirt, heat and contant licking.  All natural products: Beeswax, Olive oil, Coconut oil, and Shea Butter.  

Net wt. 1 oz / 28 gr

  • Ingredients:

    Beeswax, Olive oil, Cocounut oil, Shea Butter.

  • Return Policy

    Due to the nature of this product, returns cannot be accepted. We strive to impress, but if anything isn't to your standards, please let us know how to make it right and we'll do the best we can to make your order complete and make sure you're pleased with your item.

  • Warning

    If your pet develops a rash or skin becomes irritated, discontinue use. 

  • Use:

    Place small amount on paw pads and/or nose to condition and leave your pets feeling just as pampered as you.