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The Story of Ms Lolly's Suds and Stuff, LLC

“I refuse to let people use a product that will harm their skin!”

The commercial soap industry has been fooling all of us for a long time.  Don’t let them fool YOU any longer. The soap many of us buy is closer in formula to powdered detergent than traditional soap, which makes it not only hard on your skin, but also the planet.  YOU shouldn’t have to deal with dry, red, flaky, itching skin because the commercial soap industry doesn’t use responsible ingredients.  That’s why I offer natural, handmade soaps that will have your skin feeling soft and fresh.  
Stick to Natural Soap! 
So, if you have an autoimmune disease that effects the largest organ of your body (your skin) or if you just have very sensitive skin, THEN I want to help with your daily selfcare routine to help start the day with one less anxiety causing worry.   
One of my favorite joys to recall is when I was able to help a young, new mom who came to me concerned because she could not use commercial products on her newborn because his sensitive skin would get rashes and breakout.  She took a chance to try Ms Lolly’s soaps.  I was so pleased when she returned a couple of weeks later wanting to buy more.  She said, ‘it’s been the only thing that didn’t break her baby out’ and needed more soap and she wanted to try the lotions too.  I’m pleased to say the soaps, lotions, and now diaper rash cream is working for her baby.   This gives me great joy in my heart when I can help someone, by providing a natural and soothing result for their skin.  
Ms Lolly's Suds and Stuff, LLC is a small business dedicated to crafting quality soaps and other bath and body products.  We pride ourselves in providing great customer service and satisfaction to our clients.  Ms Lolly originated as a family nickname and with family input became the name of this labor of love to help those that need an alternative to the common commercial body products. 
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